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Watch out for these antifeminist chameleons, they are just larping to leech power from men and get simp armies. That is all "Red Pill Women" are, not after loving men, but more like after power.

Because most, if not all of them, do not practice what they preach. See, their fee-male thinking is, by saying what they think masculine hardcore men like to hear but not doing it, will give them a free pass to continue to do their cryptofeminist bullshit for themselves, ie. Building their trad social media brand and doing their jobs while saying women should not work, while managing to leverage some power and support from men by this sweettalk manipulation in the form of superchats, donations, and whiteknights who say "she's an exception, let her do whatever!", and also trying to exalt herself above other women by putting them down that way.

It's these foids' fool strategy, they are not in the least submissive and caring for their man. Usually more than half of these "red pill women" will marry soft-looking or feminine-looking men, or even actual gay men, so they can get some control and power they want while still larping as a trad couple. Case in point: Candace Owens, Kaitlin Bennett. They don't seek out the masculine aggressors they so highly praise on their hoe podcasts and live streams. The other 40% go on to marry old men, rich older men, so at least they can get servants and some compensation and don't have to do the housewife duties while leeching off his status and just keeping up appearances but not being in love at all. Only 9 - 10% of these antifeminist chicks are actually real somewhat submissive and masochistic, actually marrying fierce brutish guys whom they will let them cheat on with whores outside marriage, and just want to be a kept woman. But even then, they are even pickier than modern 304s about who they choose: expect the husband to pay their bills, pump their gas, carry their heavy bags, do all the labour and repairing as handymen and will use his resources and money. So they still expect to leech off the man's skills and strength then, while holding him to the highest moral standards and responsibility for family values. And yes, they expect their husband to say they're pretty even after they turn 30, love their post-pregnancy bodies even after 8 kids, and care for their children himself too. They think of and therefore demand, the romance and soulmate life from their plantation longhouse male they catch too.

Honestly, out of the 10% of somewhat submissive foids who are truly husband hunting trad style, only 1% will actually submit to a man and let him do whatever he wants and expect nothing in return. Even most trad women expect the man to sacrifice and romance them in return.

Another catch: Red Pill antifeminist women cannot stand each other, they cannot even form the stupid cliques with each other. They understand why each one of them is doing what they are doing, to gain power and leeway from men, while forming simp armies to use, so of course they know they are competitive bitches and will take each other's rights just to look good in front of any man that holds an ounce of power at all. So yes, they do not trust each other. Larping chameleons can't even tolerate other larping chameleons, only one can be the great grifter. Why would they trust another woman who wants to be "above, not among women"? That is the most dangerous type to them, trp fem larpers know they are dangerous to each other.

And the red pill male chameleons too, they are cucks for their daughters, prove why Rollo let his daughter go to college if he say women with college education are not marriage material? Contradictory words. And Alexander Grace for all his tough talk, 120% will tell his young daughter as she grows up to find a man that is way too helpful and kind and too focused on her like a "loyal dog", in other words he would recommend a beta simp for his daughter? But what about all his preaching on men to not be spineless and to focus on their goals and not woemn? Contradictory lies. Report and expose red pill chameleon grifters! More people need to start calling out the malepower-leeching foids and the Donovan Sharpes of the manosphere.

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